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German Taught Vs English Taught- Which Is Better

German Taught Vs English Taught- Which Is Better(Master Program)

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In this post, we are going to discuss the main points about German taught and English taught masters program.  Everyone knows that in Germany we have two options either we can pursue our masters with English as a medium or German as a medium. So in this post, we are going to compare both. We will be discussing points like admission procedure, Job market etc. 

1. Admission Procedure


Admission procedure is exactly the same for German taught as well as English taught. You have to apply through uni-assist or can directly apply to university.  The main difference is that the chances of getting admission in german taught are very high because the number of universities with german taught is much more than English teaching universities. 
But your bachelors should be equivalent to German bachelors. 

2. Job opportunities

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Job opportunities in the German program or Mixed Program are way higher than the English taught programs. In most Job industries you have to interact with the public, not directly but indirectly also. For eg sending and receiving documents, etc. 
I will say that even if your course is in English you must learn German till B2 at least, as it will make your profile very strong and chances of getting a job will be much higher.

3. Studying


If you have done your bachelors in the English language then obviously it will not be easy for you to study in German, no matter how much fluent you become. You will have to take some technical language courses in which they will also tell you technical terms in the German language so that you can understand what is being taught to you in your masters.

4. Job Preparation

There is one more benefit of German taught program is that your max professors will be German, so they have a good knowledge about the job market and so they know that which subjects or courses are in more demand. So you can consult them and can take their help. Also, in German taught you to get the flexibility of choosing the subjects. So you can choose the subjects which are in high demand nowadays.

So to conclude, if you are in Germany, you will have to learn German to survive. Otherwise, life will become very difficult for you. Also, studying in German taught is much better than English taught and one should follow this if one has time to do so.

I hope you liked the post. If you have any query comment down below.

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