Thursday, 15 November 2018

How much does it cost for food in Germany

How much does it cost for food in Germany?


Food is that one of the basic needs that can't be ignored. Almost 25% of your monthly expenditure will be spent on food. 
In this post, I will give you quality information about the supermarkets in Germany and the cost of food in Germany. What kind of product they sell and at what price?

I will recommend you to learn cooking before going to Germany because, If you know how to cook then you will need to spend around 200 euros for food, but if you don't know how to cook then you may have to spend around 400 euros. So it's a better option to learn cooking if you wanna save some money. 

There are many types of brands in Germany.

I have categorized the Brands in 4 different categories:

  1. Premium Brand
  2. BIO
  3. Discounter
  4. Super Discounter

Premium Brand


These are costly brands, they have high-quality products. So if you are having a very good budget for your monthly groceries then you can buy from these brands.

Some premium brands in Germany are:

  1.  REWE
  2. Real
  3. EDEKA



These brands are a little bit cheaper than Premium brands but still, they are expensive. They also have high-quality products and they are available at almost every supermarket.

Some BIO brands are:
  1. Bio Company

Discounter and Super Discounter


These brands are made for students. They are having a good quality product at a very cheap price as compared to Premium and discount brands. 
These are cheap doesn't mean that the food they offer is of bad quality, you must know that every food is supervised by the German Govt. So quality is maintained for every food item. Yes, there is a little difference in quality between Premium and Discounter. 

Some Discounter and Super Discounter brands are:
  1. Netto
  2. Kaufland
  3. PENNY
  4. NETTO
  5. ALDI
Every food item is available under these brands, so it totally depend on your lifestyle which brand you want to use. 

So depending upon your lifestyle, 
  • If you are a budget conscious guy and you know how to cook some basic meals then you will spend around 200 euros on food.
  • If you are a budget conscious guy but don't know how to cook then you will spend around 400 euros.
  • And for those who are not budget conscious, there is no limit. LoL
So I think I have answered the question How much does it cost for food in Germany?

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