Thursday, 15 November 2018

How to get Internet Connection and Sim Card in Germany(Europe)

How to get Internet Connection and Sim Card in Germany?

sim cards

In this post, we will discuss the process of getting a sim card and internet connection after reaching Germany. The main points in this post will be what kind of brands are available for sim cards. 

There are two ways of getting a sim card in Germany:

  1. With contract
  2. Without a contract

The first thing you need is city Anmeldung. Also, you must have a bank account, it may be in form of blocked account or student account in a German bank. They will deduct the money from that amount only.

With contract

with contract

With contract is what we call Postpaid service in which you have to choose a plan for you, which will be activated every month automatically. 

Packages of With contract Service providers

  •  T mobile is having a package named Magenta Mobile, which will cost you around 26.90 euro/month. 
  • Vodafone is having a package called Smart-M, costing around 24.90 euro/month.
  • O2 have a package named blue all in one M, is priced at 26.99 euro/month.
  • Base has a package named Base all in, which will cost you around 25 euro/month.

Without a contract

Without contract

Without a contract can also be called Prepaid service. In which you can recharge the amount or package by your wish. There is no automatic plan activated on your sim card. I prefer this one for students. Because in with contract service you become like a slave. 

To buy a prepaid sim card is the same as buying a candy, you will find these stores everywhere, just go to the shop and you will get a prepaid sim for 10 euros.

Without a contract Service providers

  1. Lidl Mobile
  2. Aldi Talk
  3. Blau (E-Plus)
  4. Congstar prepaid
  5. Edeka mobile
  6. (Vodafone)
All of these companies stores can be found in supermarkets of your city. You Just need to visit the store. The sim cards will be activated in few hours maximum.