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How to open a blocked account with Fintiba for German Visa

How to open a blocked account with Fintiba for German Visa?

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As we all know that for going to Germany to study, we need a blocked account of 8460 euros. This money is blocked by our bank and we receive 720 euros/month after reaching Germany in our local bank. This is done to ensure that you have financial support after reaching Germany. 

You have got 4 options to open a blocked account for a German visa:

  1. Kotak Mahindra Bank
  2. Fintiba
  3. Deutsch Bank
  4. Coracle
In this post, we will talk about opening a blocked account with Fintiba.


Fintiba offers two types of plans one is fintiba basic for simple blocked account and the other called fintiba plus. In fintiba plus you get an insurance as well with your blocked account. 
Fintiba is totally an online based portal, that why many students hesitate to use it because you actually never interact with someone as a person. But fintiba has now become very popular and is an easy process as compared to the others.

Steps to open a blocked account with Fintiba for German Visa:

  1. Visit fintiba website.
  2. Register on the website with your passport details(You have to upload your passport picture).
  3. Now fintiba will verify your account.
  4. Once Your account is verified you will receive a mail.
  5. Now you will have a student account opened on their website.
  6. Download the document(Present on their website which will contain all the details like the amount to be transferred, etc ).
  7. Once you will transfer the money in your fintiba account.
  8. They will block the money and they will mail you the confirmation letter, which you have to submit at the time of the visa interview.

Advantages of Fintiba over other options

  1. They are very fast as compared to other options available out there. For eg: Kotak Mahindra Bank minimum time is 7 days, whereas fintiba has minimum time as 2 days for opening a block account.
  2. Fintiba is recognized by the government of Germany. So it is safe and accepted all over the world.

What To Do After Reaching Germany? 

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  1. After you will reach Germany.  You will have to do the city anmeldung or city registration (How to do Anmeldung after reaching Germany?). 
  2. Then open a local student bank account in any bank(The account should be current and not the savings).
  3. Then you will call fintiba and place a standing order.
After that every month you will receive 720 euros in your account for your living expenses.

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