Wednesday, 21 November 2018

How to start a business in Germany.

How to start a business in Germany || Fully Explained


I know, this topic is not that popular as compared to how to get a job in Germany. But I feel that opening a business is the best way to be your own boss. You don't have to step out of your house to earn money and I think that's the correct way to call ourselves free.

In this post, I will tell you how one can open a business in Germany. I think its much easier than getting a job there.

First thing is to check that wether Erwerbstatigkeit Gestattet is written on your Aufenthaltittel, it means that you are allowed to earn, by business, freelancing etc. Most students have to wait for this for almost two years, or when they get a job. Then they are allowed to do a side business.

You will have to register yourself in Handelskammer(Chamber of Commerce) in Germany if you are starting a big business like big consultancy or firm.

But in this post, I will talk about only sole proprietorship and freelancing, in which you don't need to register yourself in the chamber of commerce.

You can start your own business in less than an hour (MAX).

Documents required

  1. Aufenthaltittel
  2. Passport
  3. Anmeldung certificate (Read: What is Anmeldung and how to do it).
You can get the online form of Gewerbeananmeldung, in which you have to give all the details regarding your business, then you have take two copies of that with other documents to the hundelskumer office. 

It will take hardly 15 mins. They will type all the given information. Then you will have to pay the registration fees that is around 25 euros (Depend on the city). Now that you have submitted your documents and paid the fees, its time to apply for tax identification number in finanzamt, here you have to fill out Fragebogen zur steuerlichen erfassung. 

Once this done, now you are ready to start your business, you can receive payments from your clients etc. You have to keep receipts of payments as you will need to submit them in form of Einnahmenuberschusserechnung, along with your tax filing. 
They put the tax on whatever profit you make.

This post was to give you a brief introduction about starting a business in Germany. You can talk to the offices in your city for information in detail. I hope you like our post.

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