Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Marriage procedure to a German Citizen. Full Explained.

Marriage procedure to a German Citizen. Full Explained.


In this post, I will tell you the easiest and fastest way in which you can get married to your German counterpart and get your marriage recognised both in India and Germany. I will also provide all the documents which you need to get in this special country. 

It is not easy to get married when you are not a German citizen. Also, Indian and German authorities will make it way more complicated for you.  

The solution is Denmark, It is called Europes Los Vegas. Marrying there is easiest. From the time duration, you apply till the time you get married is only 10 days (MAX).

Documents you need to get married in Denmark

1. Notice of Marriage

This is a simple form for you to fill. First three pages of this form you just have to read, last two pages are to fill your and your partner's details. Also, you have to provide the place of marriage.

2. Passport and Schengen Visa

You have to provide your passport and visa. Your partner has to produce her/ his identity proof. 

3. Birth Certificates (English/German)

Now the birth certificates can be either in English or German. Both will work that is not a problem.

4. Civil Status Certificate

For an Indian national you can just get an affidavit, typed on 20 or 50 rs agreement. Also, you need to get it notarized by lawyers.
For the German national, you will need Erweiterte Meldebescheinigung. 

5. DIW Form (Needed only when you are using DIW's Services for getting married)

Dennis island weddings is a consultant in Denmark, who offers you different services for your wedding, so if you are using their services then you need to use this DIW Form.

You collect all these documents and send them to DIW, their fees are around 690 euros, and they will arrange everything for you. They also have some higher packages.

You go to Denmark two days before your marriage as you will need to visit marriage registrar office and get your passport checked. On the third day, you get married.

The marriage registrar will give you the marriage certificate right away. Your marriage certificate will have subtitles translated in English, Spanish, French, Danish.

You will get your apostille marriage certificate by post in a few days, which you can submit in your city.

I know that I am not able to cover all topics, but I have tried my best to clear your doubts.