Saturday, 17 November 2018

Packing list for an Indian student moving to Germany.

Packing list for an Indian student moving to Germany.


In this post, I will be discussing what is the packing list for an Indian student who is moving to Germany. I know this situation when you have only 23 Kgs allowed in your luggage and you be like what are the important things which should I carry with me. 

So in this post, I will give you direct packing list of things which will benefit you if you carry them from your country.

Note: You can buy these things here in Germany too, but you will pay a high price as compared to India. Thatswhy if there is something which you don't wanna carry then you can.

I am providing online buy links for some products, check them for a good price.



It is very important to know that what utensils must be in your packing list because they are heavy and take a lot of space. So I will be mentioning only the most important ones.
  1. Pressure Cooker/ Rice Cooker
  2. Non-Stick Frying Pan (Extremely Important)
  3. Small Kadai
  4. Laddle
  5. Tea Strainer (Extremely Important)
  6. Belan/ Roti maker
  7. Tupperware/Tiffins
  8. Spoon/fork/Knife. (2 pc each)



These are super important because unlike in India, you cannot just go to the pharmacy and ask for medicines. Here in Germany, you must have a prescription from a local doctor. So don't forget to carry medicines in your luggage.
  1. Paracetamol
  2. Cold/Cough
  3. Allergic
  4. Pain Killers
  5. Band-Aid
That's all for basic medication.



I know you can buy all of these here, but I want you to bring stock for 2 months from your own country because as we all know that you will take time to settle here in Germany. 
  1. Soaps, Shower gel
  2. ToothPaste
  3. Moisturizers
  4. Deodorants
  5. Shaving Cream, Razors
  6. Shoe Polish
  7. Hair Oil
  8. Nail Cutter
  9. Tounge cleaner (Extremely Important)



Yes, you need to bring some food items with you. You will find all these items here, so just bring stock for few months. I have mentioned only very important food items in this packing list.
  1. Masalas (Extremely Important)
  2. Tea/Coffee powder
  3. Dal/Rice
  4. Magee
  5. Namkeens



If you buying any cloth, make sure its thick and will be capable of saving you from the cold winters here.
  1. Thermal Wear (Extremely Important)
  2. Innerwear
  3. Shirts, formals, Jeans, etc
  4. Shoes (3 types - Formal, Sneakers, Sports)
  5. Jacket (buy from Germany.)
  6. Bedsheets


  1. 20 copies of Passport size photographs
  2. Every document related to you.
  3. Universal Converter (Must Have)
  4. Hangers
So that was all for your packing list. Remember that you can get everything here also. So don't worry if you have to leave something behind.