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Studienkolleg-Everything you need to know.

Studienkolleg-Everything you need to know.


As you know that there is 13 year of schooling in Germany, whereas in many countries there are only 12 years of schooling. So to cover this gap, the German education system invented a foundation course called studienkolleg. In this course, you are taught the language as well as technical terms which you will be using while doing bachelors there, in the German language.
For eg: work is called Arbeit, acceleration is called beschleunigung.

Types of Studienkolleg


1. T-Course

It is for those who want to pursue their bachelors in technical courses. Eg: Engineering etc.

2. M-Course

It is for students from medical or biology background.

3. W-Course

It is related to the economy and business. So students from commerce background opt for this.

4. G-Course

It is for students from Humanity and Arts background.

5. S-Course

It has language classes. Many different languages are taught.

Eligibility for doing Studienkolleg

  1. You have to clear an entrance exam called "Aufnameprufung".  What is Aufnameprufung and how to give it?
  2. You must know language till B2, you will have to provide proof of language proficiency by giving exam in Goethe Institute.

What is Feststellungsprufung?


After you complete your studienkolleg, you have to give a final exam called as feststellungsprufung.
In this exam, you are asked questions based on whatever you have studied in your studienkolleg whole year. 

This is a very important exam as on the basis of marks of this exam you get admissions in universities for your bachelors. So if you have a dream of studying in TU9 then believe me you have to get a very good score.

Now after you clear feststellungsprufung, you have to apply in different universities, you wish to study. So once you get the admit from them. You can pursue your bachelors.

You can also study in Private Studienkolleg, there you can get direct admission without giving aufnameprufung.

I hope I have made you clear about studienkolleg. If you have doubts please comment below.

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  1. What is after doing one year of studienkolleg someone doesnt clear feststellungsprufung ? does it mean they have to come back to India ?