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Studying in Canada vs Germany. Which is better?

Studying in Canada vs Germany. Which is better?

Studying in canada vs Germany
Studying in Canada vs Germany

When we make up our mind that we have to pursue our higher studies abroad, we generally get this doubt. That which country is best. So in this post, I am going to compare studying in Canada vs studying in Germany. 

Also, I have compared,

2. Studying in USA vs Germany

so I will be discussing various points which will affect you as a student.

1. Studies


The main point of difference between Canada and Germany in terms of studies is that in Germany you only have to give exams at the end of the semester and no tests or quizzes are there throughout the semester, but in Canada its not the case, you have to take tests and quizzes during your semester as well as you have to give your semester exams. The only benefit is that in Canada the exams are only objective type.
So in terms of studies, Germany is better.

2. Cost of Study and Living


There is a huge difference in the cost of study between Canada and Germany as you know that education in Germany is free whereas it's not in Canada. In Germany, you only have to worry about the monthly expenditure which is around 600 euros, but in Canada, the fees are on average 18,000 CAD per annum, plus your monthly expenditure. 
In Germany, you only have to pay your semester contribution which is around 100 euro to 300 euros maximum. Also, you get your transportation free within the 50Km radius with your semester ticket.
So in terms of Cost of study and living Germany is far better.

3. Jobs in Canada vs Germany


If we talk about the job market in Canada then there is not a good situation right now, also to work there you need references, If you don't know someone who can refer you for a job then it is quite difficult for you to find a job there, no matter how much marks you have scored in your exams.
Whereas if we consider Germany, the only thing which may be a drawback is you must know the language, yes till B1-B2 is minimum. I am not saying that if you don't know german than you will not get jobs, but you will be left with very few options. whereas on the other hand if you know the language it will not be difficult for you to get a job in your field. 

4. Part Time Jobs


If we talk about the part-time jobs for students, 
In Canada, one can get a part-time job easily but the only demerit is that the minimum wage is very low i.e 12.50 CAD per hour. Whereas in Germany, to get a part-time job is easy if you know the German language because in most of the jobs you will need to communicate with local people for eg in restaurants, malls etc. One can get English speaking jobs also but that are few in number. But wage in germany is good i.e minimum wage is 8.85 euros per hour.

So these were my views on Studying in Canada vs Germany. From my point of view, Germany is far better for you if you can learn the German language. 

Note: These are my points and one can disagree with me. If you liked the post or you want to add something pls comment down below. I will wait.

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