Friday, 16 November 2018

Things to do in the first month after arriving in Germany.

What are the things to do in the first month after arriving in Germany?

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In this post, we will discuss the important things which one should do in the first month after arriving in Germany.

1. Change your currency.


If you have brought some local currency from your country then after reaching the Germany Airport, you must change your local currency with the foreign currency. You will have to pay some % commission and they will change your currency.

2. Collect the key to your accommodation.


This may seem to be a stupid point but trust me this can be a very big headache for you. So after you reach your destination, you will have to go to the office of your hostel/apartment to collect the key and do not forget to have the contract copy with you as you will need to produce it to the person to make sure that you are the one who has booked that room.  So if it is a weekday, then it's not a problem as the office will be open. But if it is weekend then you must contact the office in advance and ask them for the key or place from where you can collect the key.

3.  Must have a name on the mailbox.


In Germany, everything works mainly by post, so it becomes very important that you got your name on your mailbox. You will receive important documents like Anmeldung letter etc in your mailbox.

4. Enrollment in University

You have been selected for the university you have not been enrollment yet. So the first thing to do after going to university is that you should get enrolled yourself. Don't forget to carry important documents as they will need them to verify at the time of enrollment.

Also, you should collect your semester ticket, as it will not only act as your ID card but also as a transport pass in your city. So it will save you bucks.

5. Get city registration or Anmeldung done.

6. Open a local bank account.


Yes, you will need to open an account in a local bank, in which you will transfer the blocked account money, which you blocked in your home country at the time of visa.

7. Health Insurance

health insurance

This is a compulsion for everyone, whether you are from EU or not. You need a health insurance for staying in Germany. One should go for public health insurance. At the time of part-time jobs or internships, they will ask you for your public health insurance.