Friday, 16 November 2018

What is Anmeldung and how to do it after reaching Germany.

What is Anmeldung and how to do it after reaching Germany?


In this post, I will explain to you what is anmeldung and how do you do it after you reach your city in Germany.

What is Anmeldung?

Anmeldung is nothing but city registration. If you are coming here for studies or job. In which you need to stay longer than 3 months, Then you have to do the Anmeldung or city registration.
This is done to maintain a record of people who are living in the city. 

When do I need to do it?

It has to be done in first 14 days after you reach Germany.

Why do I need Anmeldung?

Remember this is very important for you because for even basic works like opening a local bank account you will have to present your anmeldung certificate in Germany.

How to take an appointment at a local administrative office for Anmeldung?

In Germany for everything you need an appointment, you can't go directly to the office. 

  1. Go on your city website for anmeldung and book an appointment.
  2. By calling the local administrative office.

What do I need for my Anmeldung to be done?

You need 4 important things:
  1. Registration form filled
  2.  House contract
  3. Passport and Visa
  4. Birth certificate (Not mandatory but safe).
So go to the office on the appointment date and submit all the documents. They will give you an anmeldung certificate after that. 

This is how Anmeldung is done.


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