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MS in Computer Science In Germany-Completely Explained in Detail.

MS in Computer Science In Germany-Everything Explained in Detail.

MS in Computer Science In Germany
MS in Computer Science In Germany

There was a high demand for this post. In this post, I am going to discuss about Masters in Computer Science in Germany. I am going to discuss some key points like does CGPA or Work-Experience matter when applying for universities, what is the process, documents required, etc for applying, what is the scope of computer science in Germany also the cost of living as a student in Germany. 

As after completing bachelors or pursuing bachelors, now you have decided that you have to do masters now. So if you are looking for the best country to do so, it is Germany no doubt. Why? 
Your Answer in right below: but first go through this article then you can check these links below.

1. Does CGPA and work experience matter?

Does CGPA Matter
Does CGPA Matter

This is a very popular question and I think it will be on everyone's mind when applying to the universities. 
So the answer is that it depends upon the universities. Some universities in Germany require a minimum amount of percentage in your bachelors for getting admissions, whereas there are several universities who don't fully depend upon CGPA. For eg: TU Berlin doesn't only depend upon CGPA, they also check your extracurricular activities like Workshops, Paper published, internships etc.

Now we come to work experience, so the answer is NO, for getting admission in MS in Computer Science in Germany or any other field, your work experience doesn't matter. It will matter if you want to do a part-time job as a student. It will be helpful to you if you want to work along with your studies.

2. The process for pursuing MS in Computer Science in Germany.

1. How to Apply?

There are mainly two ways for applying to German universities. One is by directly applying using the university portal and second is through Uni-Assist. 
You can go to the university website and there you will find the process of applying. But most universities prefer Uni-Assist. 
Uni-Assist is a platform through which you can apply to different universities through a hassle-free process and they charge 75 euros for it with an additional 15 euro per submission. 
After applying you just need to wait for your approval from the university.

2. Documents needed

  1. Passport
  2. Your Degree certificates
  4. Motivation Letter
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. Class 10/12 certificates / Diploma certificate (If)
Note: All the documents must be notarized.

3. Fees

As you know that if you study in a public university then there is no fees to be paid (Thatswhy I love Germany). You only have to pay semester contribution ranging from 70 euros - 350 euros. 

3. What is the scope of Computer Science in Germany?

apple computer
apple computer

This is also a very important point. So let me explain it you briefly. As there are many rumours about Germany that it is only famous for Automobile or Mechanical Industry. But let me make it clear to you that it is not the case. Germany has a huge demand for Computer Scientist, IT specialists, etc.
If you have the talent and required skills then it will be a cake walk for you to get a job (Also, if you have German proficiency of B1, Not compulsory but recommended). 

It is very simple that no degree promises you the job, what promises you are skills. Also, IT and Computer Scientist are very highly paid profession in Germany.

If you want to know How much will you earn after Masters in following Jobs then read below:

4. Cost of Living

cost of living
cost of living

The cost of living totally depends upon an individual and his lifestyle. I will mention some basic cost of living. So if you live a normal lifestyle, i.e you cook at home mostly, doesn't go to pubs regularly. Then it will be around 500 euros to 650 euros per month. The most expensive thing is accommodation, it will be the deciding factor. Second is your health insurance which is around 90 euros per month. 

I have covered an interesting article on Cost of Food in Germany. Check it now.

So to conclude, it is a very good decision of pursuing MS in Computer Science in Germany. 
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I hope you liked the article, Please share it with your friends. If you have any query please mention below in comments.

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