Friday, 4 January 2019

Permanent Residency in Germany - Everything You Need to Know.

Permanent Residency in Germany - Everything You Need to Know.

Permanent Residency in Germany
Permanent Residency in Germany

When the twelfth grade completes or Bachelors completes, the majority of the general population consider moving to Canada, Australia or the United States since they have seen other individuals do it, they have seen their companions do it and that is the place the entire thought of moving to various nation springs up: disappointment with the instruction framework and occupation showcase in India and in light of the fact that the companion of your dad revealed to you that his uncle's child moved to the United States or Canada or Australia on the grounds that the compensation is madly high and it's anything but difficult to get perpetual residency (well, let the United States well enough alone in the PR part. It can take up to 9 years to get a changeless residency there through lottery framework).

Nowadays everyone is brainwashed to follow the stupid trends. Be it a platform, an app, your school or even the field you should choose in your Bachelors/Masters or even your entire decision of moving to a different Nation. Everyone tries to influence your mind with their own opinions and most of the people just have heard the things, even when he might not have any idea and he might be telling you the exact thing which he listened from somebody else, with some own words mixed.

Whenever anyone thinks of moving to another country, Germany rarely comes up in his mind and i will not blame. Because the perception of people is that it is not possible to reside for a longer duration after you complete your studies here (Not True). Also, some have the hesitation of breaking the German language barrier and also everyone thinks that it is almost impossible to get PR in Germany.

Is it Difficult to get PR in Germany?


If you want to reside in Germany for a longer duration and get all the benefits of a citizen (other than the right to vote). Then you should know that Germany only rewards highly educated and skilled people with a chance to get a permanent residency. 

Requirements that you need to fulfill for a permanent residency in Germany


  1. German university degree certificate (Bachelors, Masters or PhD)
  2. B1 level of German Certification.
  3. Have a residency permit since at least 2 years (you get it automatically when you start working).
  4. Must have sufficient income to financially support yourself and a public health insurance
  5. No crimes/offenses (Even just normal fines can obstruct your Permanent Residency application!)


Documents required to apply for PR in Germany


  • Valid passport
  • 1 current biometric photograph
  • Filled out application form
  • Certificates
  • Bank statements and Salary Slips
  • Rental contract for the apartment/house
  • Proof of social contribution payments
  • Health Insurance document
  • City registration


Cost to get a PR in Germany

The application for a permanent residency generally costs 113 Euros (the price can vary from city to city). (Price may change).

Final Words 

Germany is in a great need of new and young workforce who can continue the legacy of German economy forward and this is the reason it is so extremely easy for highly qualified people to get a job, permanent residency and citizenship afterwards. No other developed country offers the permanent residency just after 2 month. 

If you are thinking about moving to Germany, then right now is literally the right phase when you can do that because even the rules for PR had been renewed this year to make Germany more attractive and so far it has been working out, but the number of vacancies in jobs that the country still faces is a gap which will only last a next few years.