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Basic Criteria for students to get admissions in TU Universities in Germany

Basic requirements for students to get admissions in TU Universities in Germany.

Requirements to study in TU9 Universities in Germany
Requirements to study in TU9 Universities in Germany


Germany has produced a number of famous personalities in almost every fields of Arts, Literature, Philosophy, engineering, medical, technology, Media etc. There are around 70 Universities in Germany. They are classified into two categories Technical Universities(TU) and University of Applied Sciences. Technical universities (TU) are mostly research oriented and can award Doctorate degrees. Officially there are 13 technical universities in Germany, But the group is named as TU9 and it includes the following universities:

1. RWTH Aachen

2. TU Berlin

3. TU Braunschweig

4. TU Darmstadt

5. TU Dresden

6. University of Hanover

7.University of Karlsruhe

8. TU M√ľnchen

9. University of Stuttgart

10. University of Applied Sciences

We will be discussing in this article, the basic requirements or criteria which needs to be fulfilled to get admissions in TU9 universities in Germany. So lets begin our list.

Eligibility Requirements for masters course

The admission requirements are set very high by the German Universities because of the huge number of applications which they get from around the globe. The eligibility criteria may differ from university to university thatswhy one must refer to the University website for the eligibility criteria for that particular course that you are interested in. We will be discussing the general eligibility criteria to Graduate from TU9 University in Germany.

1. Academics

Certification of Undergraduate study (Bachelor degree) in a similar field is required. Also as the number of applications is very high one need to have good scores in academics. Although there is no minimum grades provided by universities.

2. Language Requirement

If the course is completely in German language, then one must need to prove his proficiency in the German Language by providing German language certificates.

German as a Foreign Language Test (TestDaF)

German Language Test for the Admission of Foreign study applicants (DSH)

If the course is completely in English, then proof of proficiency in English must be provided that can be TOEFL (550 and higher (PBT), 213 and higher (CBT), 79 and higher (IBT) ) or IELTS above 6.0 bands in each module.

PTE is also being accepted in some universities. A score of 59 is minimum required.

If the course is mixed i.e some subjects are in German and some in English then appropriate proof may be required.

3. Entrance qualification

If you are applying for engineering courses, some universities may demand GRE, they welcome GATE score but it is not mandatory.

In Business management courses, some universities may demand GMAT. One must check the university website for details.

Some universities require the student to give entrance test either online or upon their arrival at the campus (in the later case conditional admission is provided by the university for visa).

4. Work Experience

Although it is not mandatory but it Improves your chances of admission, if you have relevant work experience in the field of further study.

5. Project Work / Thesis

Demonstration of technical ability through project execution/internship /training / online courses etc can help you in securing admissions.

6. Extracurricular activities

Paper presentation, participation in Technical symposium, conference, NGO works, participation in sports n cultural activities etc is highly appreciated by universities and they increase your chances of getting admissions along with getting the visa.

7. Fees and Living Costs

As you know that education in Germany is tuition free at most of the Universities. The Universities charge you some amount as semester contribution which is about 140 - 500 Euros at max, which is utilized for the University's development, lab and other facilities. Living cost in Germany is also minimal, on average 700 euro per month will be a decent amount. You can earn it by working part-time if you want. But this amount can increase depending on the city and the lifestyle of a student.

8. Application Procedure

There are two intakes every year for admission one is winter intake which takes place in month of Sep/Oct and other is summer intake which takes place in March/April. The application and visa process in total takes about 4-5 months so students need to plan accordingly. The deadline for winter intake is 15 Jan and for summer intake is 15 July (It depends on university). Hence, an early application is highly recommended for students.

Once the University receives all the applications then they take about 2-3 months to inform students and send the admission letter. One must check all the documents thoroughly before submitting to the university as many universities directly cancel your application if any document is found missing.

The foreign students have two options for applying to university. They can either apply directly through the university website or can take help from UNI ASSIST. UNI ASSIST charges 55 euro as their service fees for applying to 2-3 Universities. An additional 15 euro is charged per Universities for further applications. UNI ASSIST assists students with its partner Universities only.

9. Work during and after Studies

Students are allowed to work part-time for 90 full days or 180 half days a year. which makes around 20 hours per week.

A graduate is allowed to stay in Germany for 18 months after completing the studies to look for a job. Once they manage to find a job they can convert their student permit to residence permit for taking healthy employment.

Important Note

Since the process of admission is very competitive and tough especially for engineering branches like mechanical and computer science and other related subjects like medical etc. It is therefore recommended that you should aim for at least a score of 310+ in Gre, and in TOEFL 100+, also you should maintain CGPA 8+ to be in the competition.