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How Much Can You Earn By Part-Time Job In Germany

How Much Can You Earn By Part-Time Job In Germany?

How Much Can You Earn By Part-Time Job In Germany
How Much Can You Earn By Part-Time Job In Germany

 As we know that there is no tuition fee in the public university of Germany, but still you need to pay your bills which is your living expense. If you don't want to burden your parents and want to pay for your needs by working part-time, then continue with us till the last. As I will be cleaning all your doubts, regarding part-time jobs in Germany. So let's begin.

The first thing which I should let you know that as a student in Germany you are allowed to work only 20 Hours per week. It's up to you how you divide the hours per week. You are allowed to work 120 Full days in a year as an international student.

1. What Documents do you Need?

So the first question which comes in mind of the students is what documents do I need so that I can work part-time in any company, restaurant or any other place. So here is the list of documents which you need to work part-time in Germany.

a. Anmeldung: Which is your city registration. If you want to know more about anmeldung, and how it is done. Read Here.

b. Tax ID Number

c. Social Security Number. 

To acquire the last two things Anmeldung is compulsory. You don't need to spend a penny to get these things done. You just need to visit local authorities or google it simply. 

Types of Part-Time jobs in Germany

There are two types of part-time jobs, one is a Mini job and other is a part-time job. So let's discuss them separately.

1. Mini Job: 

These are jobs which are not on a regular basis, you will have to work for twice a week, once a week etc. So in a mini job, you will make less than 450 euros per month. Also, no tax needs to be given. 

2. Part-Time Job: 

These are jobs in which you work for 20 hours a week. You can earn around 800 to 1300 euros per month. You need to pay student tax on this amount.

I have already written an article on the topic How to Get Part Time Job in Germany?

If you work in a company or do a skilled job like working as a developer, artificial intelligence expert etc then you can expect around 15 - 20 euros per hour. So do the math accordingly.

If you work in some restaurant or some bars etc you can expect around 9 euros per hour. So do the calculations how much you can earn. 

Now if we discuss about the expenses as a student in Germany, it totally depends upon your lifestyle. If we talk about an average student who cooks himself and doesn't go to bars on a regular basis then the expense will be around 600 - 750 euros.